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Phone: 407-757-9779

Behind The Design: How Adopt A Mask is helping save lives on school during Covid19 pandemic

Behind The Design: How Adopt A Mask is helping save lives on school during Covid19 pandemic


Adopt A Mask is a program launched by the founder of Live and United to bring brands, honorable PPE manufacturers, and school systems together to ensure that her high-risk child and children across the US get the protection they need to return to school.


Create a website to share the Adopt A Mask message while at the same time highlighting FloGuard, the official nano mask partner of Adopt A Mask and Live and United.

Services Provided

  1. Vision Translation
  2. Logo Enhancement
  3. Graphic Design
  4. UI/UX
  5. Website Development
  6. Responsive Design UI Variation
  7. Brand Origination
  8. Research
  9. Brand Slogan
  10. Campaign Slogan
  11. Deck
  12. Copy


The Adopt A Mask project with stakeholders including Live and United and FloGuard was an example of how real-time events could create fluidity within a project requiring increased flexibility.  The original scope which called for a single page evolved into a web asset linked to multiple brands and access points.  Our team worked quickly to take our client’s vision and come up with a brand concept.  From the creation of a metallic look in the FloGuard logo to the gradient of blue used to the name itself, we were engaged at the ground level.  Once the FloGuard design direction had been established, the team had to create custom art to tell the story since production graphics were not yet available due to the newness of the nano mask.  The team researched key masks in the market and came up with points of differentiation as well as a comparison chart through which to tell the story.  Due to the client’s story centering on masking up for the return to school and protection of others, the team had to go into selected images and place masks on the people in the images.  In order to stand out from the rest of the industry, we came up with a slogan of “Breathe Free, Think Free, Live Free” for the FloGuard Nano Mask to communicate how the mask could help people live their lives to the fullest.  

As the project progressed, it became clear that the Adopt A Mask message was so compelling that it needed to stand alone.  Using the client’s logo as a baseline, we took an “Avengers-esque” superhero approach to inspire the brands, PPE companies, and school districts to take action.  By creating a unified team of three where each of the team members represented one of the key stakeholders, we placed each stakeholder in the role of superhero seeking to create a psychological identification to drive action.  We also came up with a 3-part campaign message beginning with the protection of our children, moving to building our communities, and elevating to bringing hope for our future.  The way we looked at it, education is a key pillar of society upon which our future lies and our hope for the future is borne through our children.  We also took a look at how the program could create a win for everyone including children, brands, the PPE industry, politicians, and the nation.  In a time where a wedge continues to be driven into communities around a variety of issues ranging from racial tension with law enforcement to confusion about how to act and govern in the face of COVID-19, it is our hope that the work we have executed will touch, move, and inspire people to put aside their differences and come together for the good of all.   

On this project, we handled everything from start to finish without being given much to work with.  This was an example of true co-creation with a willing client and we are proud of what we have accomplished together.  We are also excited to see how our personification of the brands and the campaigns can shift the PPE narrative and give a voice toward unity.  


A cause that took form as a vision in the mind of an engaged parent has been given a more concrete form and clarity of purpose.  Adopt A Mask is ready to take on the world and bring its full vision to fruition.  The website has already attracted a group working with 1,000 day care centers in New Mexico and is being used to grab the attention of a major consumer products goods (CPG) brand along with some Hollywood studios.  Several organizations have expressed interest in meaningful quantities of FloGuard’s nano mask.