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Phone: 407-757-9779

Behind The Design: How Blue is the new green in real estate

Behind The Design: How Blue is the new green in real estate


Lagoon Funatics is a lagoon management company whose team is responsible for bringing the first Crystal Clear Lagoon to the United States and creating a technology breakthrough that is driving adoption of the Crystal Clear Lagoon technology as the must-have amenity for master planned communities.


Create a website for a lagoon management company that is fun and engaging while also showcasing the innovation and business savvy of their model.

Services Provided

  1. Vision Translation
  2. Buyer Journey Modeling
  3. Graphic Design
  4. UI/UX
  5. Website Development
  6. Responsive Design UI Variation
  7. Animation
  8. Copy


The Lagoon Funatics project was particularly fun because the team asked us to take creative latitude in translating the value of what they had been building as a company.  The first thing our team did was to listen, ask questions, and get an idea of what the experience was like.  Our head strategist on the project spent several days onsite at one of the locations to gain a first-hand understanding of the people and culture behind the company that was getting developers to look at lagoons instead of golf courses for their projects.  After witnessing the effortless execution of the team, the use of technology to streamline user experience and access control, and the commitment toward tirelessly seeking ways to improve the customer experience while increasing profitability, it became clear that Lagoon Funatics was not only building a business; it was reinventing a business model.

Our team took this information and got to work modeling the buyer journey accounting for a variety of potential categories of visitors to the website.  We created buyer personas complete with demographic profiles and behavioral characteristics.  In order to present Lagoon Funatics as a company ready to serve its clients, we took a first-person gaming perspective and integrated it into the homepage.  Not only does a person see a video which captures attention; beneath that is a curving menu that invites the visitor to choose a path or persona that best aligns or is of interest.  By placing the visitor in the driver’s seat, the website becomes a tool for discovery and engagement.  It also disrupts the standard, “Tell me who you are and what you do approach” and signals an awareness of the different interests or purposes that may have driven visitors to check out the website.

Custom design work is evident throughout the site employing heads-up-display diagrams as well as sparingly used animations.  The site loads quickly, and key pages feature clear calls to action to encourage engagement.

In order to ensure the best user experience on different devices, manual modifications were made to several elements of the design on different pages.  Each of these were custom developments.

The team also paid close attention toward the integration of colors adhering to a palette with particular sensitivity when it came to shades of blue.  The blue of a Crystal Clear Lagoon is very distinct with its own pantone.  The team also took the concepts of blue “lagoon” and green “representing eco-friendly” to playfully communicate the powerful eco-friendly benefits of the Crystal Clear Lagoon technology.

In summary, this project enabled us to showcase a culture, an innovative business model, eco-friendly innovation, and the importance of driving unity through community.  We look forward to the opportunity to continue supporting Lagoon Funatics in its mission to take the experience of living to a new level.  


Lagoon Funatics now has a web-based foundation upon which to accelerate attracting a robust eco-system of clients, partners, and innovators to redefine the luxury living experience for the future.

The process in UI Design that our team created using Adobe XD.

The process in UI Design that our team created using Adobe XD.